Darkness to Light

The Mission:

To Empower people to prevent child sexual abuse.

Stewards of Children is an evidence-informed program that teaches adults how to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. It is designed for both youth serving organization and for individuals concerned about the safety of children.

When presented in a group setting, Stewards of Children is led by a Darkness to Light Authorized Facilitator. Engaging and thought provoking, group led sessions include:

  • A two-part DVD presentation with commentary from sexual abuse survivors, experts in the field and concerned adults.
  • Facilitator-led discussion emphasizes important issues in prevention within the community and organizations that serve children.
  • An interactive workbook facilitates discussion, reinforces key concepts, and serves as a resource and personal action plan for resolving child sexual abuse.

The cost of facilitated session varies based on location and Facilitator. Pricing discounts may apply, depending on organization size and number of people to be trained.

Training can also be available online, both in English and Spanish.

What outcomes can be expected after training?
  • Increased awareness of the prevalence, consequences and circumstances of child sexual abuse
  • New skills for adults to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to child sexual abuse
  • Proactive, positive change to organizational policies and procedures
  • Individual commitment to action via a personal prevention plan
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