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Current Openings

Full time positions, if available, will be listed below:


Job Announcement/Description

General Description:

Full time exempt position. The Logan Kid’s Place Manager is responsible for the operation of The Family Place Emergency, Scheduled Weekly Care, and Crisis Shelter Placement. Duties are approximately 50% administrative and 50% direct services, includes close association with supervised staff: working in Kid’s Place nursery to mentor, to train by example, to give breaks and support in difficult situations or in times of stress, and filling on-call and shift assignments.

Serves on the Trauma Resiliency Projectimplementation team. Ensures all families receive trauma-informed services using the Attachment, Regulation and Competency (ARC) framework.

Direct report to the Kid’s Place Director.

Duties Synopsis:

The Kid’s Place Manager duties include fostering team work, performing same duties as supervised staff, leading by example, taking initiative, being proactive, and problem solving to achieve department and program outcomes, community outreach, scheduling staff, training, supervising client care/issues, tracking services, preparing reports and maintaining program paperwork in compliance with grants and contracts, making referrals, and coordinating services with other departments.

Monitors the Kid’s Place facility and playground assuring they are kept clean, are organized and maintained. Addresses facility’s needs and/or reports facility’s needs, when help is needed, to the Associate Director.


  1. High functioning team, cooperation, and employee retention that achieves or exceeds business plan department outcomes.
    1. On time. Consistency in following Kid’s Place Attendance Policy
  2. High client satisfaction:
    1. Positive interactions with parents/caregivers. Communicates clearly, effectively and positively
    2. Surveys are obtained (i.e. TANF survey) for all clients, are used and result in continuous quality improvement.
  3. Responsive to clients. Sensitive to needs. For those on waiting lists who have been screened and where intakes are complete receive services without unnecessary or prolonged delay.
  4. Trauma informed: Children, parents and staff receive care using ARC.
    1. Implemented for all children receiving services, their parents or caregivers, and staff, i.e. routines, rituals, activities, comfort corner and self-care.
  5. Training: Staff training is implemented according to the contracts, The Family Place policy and procedures.
    1. Staff is tested and are qualified through follow-up including one-on-one observation and mentoring.
  6. Reports: Timely and complete.
  7. Starfish Database: Maintained current, complete, and is accurate.
    1. Monitored and quality assurance validates completeness, accuracy and compliance with contract requirements.
  8. Facility: Maintained and functioning, has necessary supplies for programs, clean inside and outside; yard, landscape, and playground.
  9. Community outreach increases awareness and participation in Kid’s Place services.


Duties Checklist:


Direct Services to Clients

  1. Schedule, conduct and/or facilitate scheduled weekly care intakes.
  2. Fills in, as needed, for staff vacancies.
  3. Ensure parental/guardian support services including staffing, information and education, and that referrals meet individual needs.
  4. Prepare service/treatment plans with parents and children.
  5. Conduct semi-annual evaluations with parents.
  6. Conduct outcome surveys using assigned measurement tool.
  7. Enforce Kid’s Place rules and regulations.
  8. Interact positively and appropriately with and ensure the safety of children.
  9. Assure the preparation of nutritious meals and snacks.
  10. Oversee scheduling for paid staff to ensure adequate coverage including evenings, weekends and holidays.
  11. Answer phones at The Family Place, as needed.


  1. Supervise employees, interns, and volunteers including hiring, training, and discipline.
  2. Train and mentor by example and/or instruction including when providing direct services.
  3. Provide regular, reflective supervision to Kid’s Place employees.
  1. Be in compliance with contract, grant, or funding source requirements.
  2. Assure adequate staff/volunteers for child/adult ratios.
  3. Assist with new employee orientation, training, and performance evaluation using:
    • Employee Handbook and Kid’s Place Supplemental Policies and Procedures and
    •  Contract guidelines and requirements.
  1. Schedule and follow through on assigned shift responsibilities.
  2. Build a strong, positive team.


  1. Maintain a clean, clutter free and organized environment in the Kid’s Place, bedrooms, patio and backyard.
  2. Work with Kid’s Place Director to:
    1.  set and follow through on a schedule for sterilizing toys and keeping the nursery sanitized
    2. Maintain groceries, Kid’s Place supplies, and all items deemed appropriate
  3. Maintain contract requirements and expected standards of cleanliness and organization.
  4. Oversee general building maintenance and yard, landscape and playground cleanliness.


  1. Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual contract reports, distribute, and retain copies in respective shared drive folder.
  2. Assure all Kid’s Place paperwork is correct and kept up to date on the Starfish Database.
  3. Assure parent files, child files, logs, statistics and reports are current on Starfish Database.
  4. Assure new hire paperwork and training is complete and recorded in employee file.
  5. Participate in annual Kid’s Place licensing, including inspections, interviews, and reports.
  6. With Kid’s Place Director and Care Coordinator ensure that Scheduled Weekly Care openings are filled.
  7. Maintain client/family schedule.
  8. Assist in termination of respite clients upon completion of the Scheduled Weekly Care Program.
  9. Conduct monthly paperwork audits at respective location.


  1. Work closely with DCFS to ensure shelter placement runs smoothly
  2. Attend the DCFS 24 hour meeting
  3. Coordinate the on-call schedule
  4. Coordinate with all sites and interns for the in-house 72 hour meeting
  5. Ensure that there is sufficient food for shelter clients


  1. Pass annual Background Criminal Investigation (BCI).
  2. Report to the Kid’s Place Director any suspicion or evidence of child abuse.
  3. Attend staff meetings, Trauma Resiliency implementation meetings, and reflective supervision meetings.
  4. Assist with planning and execution of family events.
  5. Participate in community events and speaking engagements as assigned.
  6. Other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • BS degree in helping profession or pursuit of degree with related experience.
  • Experience working with victims of abuse, children, adults and families preferred.
  • Pass annual Background Criminal Investigation (BCI).
  • CPR/First Aid Certification (Adults, Children, and Infants).
  • Food Handler’s Permit.

Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Experience with supervision of staff members, i.e., team building, mentoring, facilitating, training, conflict resolution skills.
    1.  Proven ability to work as an effective team leader and team member.
  • Problem solving and communication skills.

3)    Ability to work under stress and handle crisis situations.

4)    Thorough knowledge in positive parenting techniques and child management skills.

5)    Knowledge of community resources and referral process.

6)    Working knowledge of family systems.

7)    Knowledge of child abuse symptoms and their effect on victims.


Salary range $23,660 – $27,000, plus benefits


Please respond by providing a cover letter, resume, three professional references to krista@thefamilyplaceutah.orgor The Family Place, 1525 N 200 W Logan, UT 84341 by Tuesday September 12, 2018. Position open until filled.


Program and Evaluation Specialist

Job Announcement/Description

Position Overview:

Full-time exempt position. The Program and Evaluation Specialist leads The Family Place in evaluating program effectiveness and supports an informed decision-making process. The position reports directly to the Executive Director and works with organization and partner stakeholders to ensure high quality services are delivered and outcomes are demonstrated.

The specialist provides leadership to and works collaboratively with The Family Place department heads to:

1) improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization’s programs

2) assure compliance with contract and/or donation requirements

3) oversee continuous quality improvement

4) develop outcome-based evaluation measures and related reporting

5) implements standards and testing to measure and document effectiveness.

The Family Place is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization striving to achieve its mission of Strengthening Families and Protecting Children in Cache and Rich Counties through 24-hour emergency/respite nursery care, education, and counseling services.


Strengthening Programs: 1) Currently relevant, effective and efficiently delivered high quality services strengthening families and protecting children. 2) Supported and motivated staff. 3) Cross-departmental collaboration and strengthened internal communications. 4) Positive work environment that supports consistency throughout the organization’s strategy, operational methods, and data collection needs.

Program Development and Evaluation:

1) Satisfied agency clients and partners. 2) Research, selection and implementation of measures. 3) Coordinated services across departments to ensure comprehensive services are provided to meet needs of families. 4) Increase quality and consistency of services by developing and implementing processes for evaluating and feeding back outcome information. 5) Oversee continuous quality improvement.

Program Administration: 1) Ongoing evaluation, mentoring, and coordination with key program staff. Includes input to annual and semi-annual evaluations. 2) Meaningful reports, projections, etc. as requested. 3) Write the evaluation section of grant proposals. 4) Fiduciary compliance with grants and funding sources.

Training of program staff: 1) Develop and/or implement core training in relation to funding streams to be completed by all staff when hired. 2) Develop and/or implement training for teams and individuals based on needs reflected in outcomes and staff performance evaluations.

Duties Checklist:

-Develop and execute a strategic evaluation plan that measures progress and success using quantitative and qualitative metrics.

-Develop and oversee collection of accurate data entry, ensuring reliability and validity of data.

-Identify and implement improvements in data collection, processing, and management.

-Collaborate with departments to maintain high quality data processing and management systems.

-Lead efforts to align and prioritize data collection and use for advising, monitoring, reporting and analysis purposes.

-Develop tools and trainings on the use of data for monitoring and strengthening quality of services.

-Improve capacity of program staff to use data in monitoring programs by delivering trainings and coaching.

-Respond to internal and external data and analysis requests.

-Design and implement evaluation tools to support the evaluation plan, including both quantitative and qualitative data as appropriate.

-Lead the reporting of data and analysis to the marketing, fundraising, policy and leadership teams and external stakeholders.

-Produce presentations, high-level summaries, and written reports on findings and the effectiveness of outcomes and impact for internal and external audiences.

-Support grant proposal writers by providing measurable outcomes to be incorporated into proposals and reports.

-Work to publicize and disseminate the impacts of The Family Place’s work with other key programs and policy makers to ensure that the Family Place is visible and leading in areas essential to our ability to create an impact.

-Act as a productive member of The Family Place’s leadership team; advising on organizational decisions and providing functional leadership and vision across departments. Minimum

Education/Experience Required:

Master’s Degree and two years of applicable experience and/or equivalent experience, particularly in working with programs serving families and children.

Other Requirements:

-Experience with statistical data analysis software (e.g., SPSS, Stata) and/or advanced Excel skills, including analytic functions (i.e., Pivot tables, formulas, etc.)

-Knowledge of data management and systems.

-Experience (2-3 years) making practical use of data, evaluation and research.

-Excellent speaking and writing skills (experience with data-driven presentations a plus).

-Strong analytical, creative and problem-solving skills.

-Collaborative workstyle, excellent communications skills, ability to translate complex concepts into measurable indicators.

-Extreme attention to detail and commitment to high-quality work.

-Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines, while maintaining a positive attitude.

-Understanding of the impact of culture/race/gender identification on outreach, service delivery, and outcomes measurement.


Wages and Benefits: $45,000-$55,000 salary range, based on qualifications and experience. Benefits.


Application: Please respond by providing a cover letter, resume, and three professional references to The Family Place, P.O. Box 6055 Logan, UT 84341 or esterlee@thefamilyplaceutah.org by September 25, 2018. Open until filled.

Part time positions, if available, will be listed below:

Wellness Program Specialist

Job Announcement/ Description

General Description:

Part-time hourly position (25 hours per week). The Wellness Program Specialist will assist in the planning, development, and implementation of intentionally creating an environment for wellness. Develops employee plans and timelines to implement wellness during [TA1] training and throughout an employee’s position.

Direct report toClinical Supervisor.

Duties Synopsis:

The position provides employees with awareness, motivation, and tools to help develop wellness and sustainability.


  1. Conduct employee surveys to determine staffs’ wellness needs and program impacts.
  2. Prepare and distribute monthly wellness newsletter.
  3. Develop a wellness program that is integrated in all areas of an employee’s position including trainings and regular work schedule.
  4. Develop, coordinate, manage, and maintain total wellbeing programming to reduce health risk and fatigue and to encourage self-care and resiliency.
  5. Motivate participants to set and reach wellness goals.
  6. Develop creative program materials, including promotional pieces.
  7. Answer employee questions regarding wellbeing program.
  8. Oversee employee mentor and job shadowing program.
  9. Keep abreast of current wellness and wellbeing initiatives and activities.
  10. Help employees develop ideas and practices for self-care and well-being.
  11. Other duties as assigned.


  1. Staff retention will increase.
  2. Employee resiliency, attendance, and job satisfaction will increase.
  3. A minimum of 45 surveyswill be collected annually.

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Bachelor degree.
  2. Must be passionate about wellness.
  3. Ability to work effectively and respectfully with diverse work groups and with employees at all levels.
  4. Ability to set goals and deadlines.
  5. Must be able to communicate professionally both verbally and written.
  6. Must be computer literate, able to use word processing and Excel programs.
  7. First aid/CPR certification; Food Handler’s Permit
  8. Pass annual Background Criminal Investigation.
  9. Own transportation.

Skills, Knowledge, and Experience:

  1. Problem solving and communications skills.
  2. Patience and compassion.
  3. Ability to work under stress in a fast paced environment.
  4. Understanding of compassion fatigue.
  5. Ability to work as an effective team member.


Part-time position of 25 hours per week at $15.50 pay rate


Please respond by providing a cover letter, resume, and three professional references to The Family Place, P.O. Box 6055 Logan, UT 84341or to janae@thefamilyplaceutah.orgby September 21, 2018 at Noon. Open until filled.

The Family Place is always accepting applications. If you are interested in joining our efforts to build stronger families in Cache Valley, fill out the application below and bring it by.


Unpaid internships are available for experience and school credit.
To apply email resume to intern@utahfamilyplace.org.