Belva Hansen

My Family is my Life

Belva, the oldest of four children, was born to Heber and Zilla Mcarthur and grew up in Lovell, Wyoming. She met Delbert Loyal Hansen at Utah State University in a biology class. She liked the way he laughed! They were married in 1948 and have four children – Dell Loy, Randy, Denise and Meridene.

In 1950, Belva earned an Education degree with an emphasis in English from Utah State University. She taught English at Sky View High School and was a yearbook advisor there for 18 years.

Belva became involved with The Family Place five years ago when she invited the director to speak about children and child abuse in her Sunday School class. The two instantly united in a common cause: to protect children.

Not only does Belva have a passion for family – “My family is my life” – she has always been a true advocate for children. “My hope,” she continues, “is that parents and children will feel a deep bond of love for each other, that every child will know the innocence and joy of childhood.”

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Belva Hansen, The Family Place Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

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