Our compassionate therapists are specially trained to provide support, guidance and practical strategies to help you overcome life’s challenges. Counseling is available for individuals, couples or families. Our therapists utilize diverse strategies and work with you to provide individualized care. Groups and workshops on various topics are offered throughout the year.

Sliding Fee Discount Now Available

Interested in professional counseling services to strengthen your family, but worried about the cost? The Family Place may be able to help. We believe in helping people strengthen their families, even when their ability to pay for services they need is limited. In honor of this belief, we now offer a sliding fee scale for our counseling services based on family size and income.

Call us at (435)752-8880 to set up a free consultation/screening and to learn more about the sliding fee scale and other resources.

Childcare, in the Kid’s Place, may be available during sessions.

Depression and anxiety can cause pain and suffering and interfere with your life. Counseling can help ease the pain by helping you identify the causes and learn how to overcome these challenges. Our therapists can help you manage the feelings and difficulties resulting from depression and anxiety.

Interpersonal skills are the life skills that we all need to communicate and interact positively with those around us. When problems arise, we need good interpersonal skills to help us resolve the conflict. Healthy interpersonal skills improve communication and problem solving, decrease stress, foster healthy relationships, and promote joy. Our therapists can help you improve upon your interpersonal skills (i.e, communication, assertiveness, stress-management, self-esteem, emotional regulation and mindfulness.)

Marriage and family relationships can be the most important in your life but they can also be the most difficult. Families face many challenges. Counseling can help you recognize and resolve conflicts and strengthen these important relationships. Our therapists are sensitive to the unique differences of each family as they work with you in your situation.

The end of a marriage is stressful, especially when children are involved. Counseling can help restore your wellbeing during this difficult transition. You may feel grief, guilt, anger, confusion, fear, shame or anxiety. Working with a therapist can provide you with the skills necessary to find a new direction in life. Children and adolescents often go through a variety of emotions during and after their parents’ divorce (i.e., anger, guilt, worry, loss, confusion, blaming themselves). Counseling can help parents and children throughout this challenging time by helping children adjust to the changes and minimize negative impact, as well as educate parents on how to help their children through these changes.

Grief and loss can result in feelings of sadness, anger, yearning, guilt, and regret. Everyone grieves in their own way and their own time. When grief is overwhelming, therapists may be able to help. Counseling is an effective way to learn to cope with the stress associated with loss. Our therapists will tailor treatment to meet your specific needs.

Parenting can be the most rewarding and the most challenging job. Many issues arise in parenting and most parents struggle. Learning to overcome your parenting challenges will help to improve your family life. Through counseling you will be able to address difficulties that interfere with effective parenting and find alternative positive parenting techniques. Counseling provides the opportunity to talk through your problems and receive information, guidance and practical parenting strategies. Our therapists take into account your personal parenting style to enable you to reach your goals.

There are many challenges that come with growing up. Children and adolescents can be complex and there’s no instruction manual. Sometimes parents are unsure of how to help their child. Our Therapists are able to develop a secure and safe professional relationship with each child and utilize a variety of techniques that allow the child to work through their challenges in an age-appropriate, creative way; including sand tray therapy, art work, and play therapy. Play therapy allows the natural and authentic behavior, thoughts and feelings of a child to be expressed through play. Therapists work with parents to keep them informed and active in their child’s treatment.

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Bullying is on the rise and can cause a child to feel worthless, powerless or afraid. Counseling can help children and teenagers understand bullying and rebuild confidence, as well as help with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, or suicidal thoughts caused by bullying. Our therapists create a supportive and safe environment to address these concerns.

If your child or adolescent is bullying others, counseling can help. Often a child bullies others because they have been bullied or abused. Our therapists can work with your child to overcome these obstacles, as well as impulse control, problem solving and aggression.

The effects of abuse are painful, no matter at what age they occur. Through counseling, you can begin to face the abuse you experienced, express and process the difficult emotions, and become empowered as you reclaim your self-confidence. Counseling can help you overcome

the obstacles you face as a result of victimization and free yourself of the constraints that impede your life. Our compassionate therapists guide children, adolescents, adults, and families through the healing process. This service is free for eligible individuals.

Finding out your child has been abused is one of the most difficult experiences a parent can go through. Abuse can impact a child’s development (i.e., physical, cognitive, emotional, and social). Counseling can be a safe place to help a child process the abuse, understand that what happened to them was not their fault, and improve coping skills (i.e., emotions, stress, safety, etc.). Support is provided to parents to help them process what has happened to their child, learn about abuse and its effects, and improve skills to help themselves and their child

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