December 2019 Wellness Newsletter

secondary trauma

What’s the difference between STS and CF?

While they can be connected SECONDARY TRAUMATIC STRESS is the physical and emotional stress of knowing about another’s trauma. The signs of STS are often considered to be somewhat similar to PTSD with avoidance, arousal, and intrusion symptoms. COMPASSION FATIGUE is the natural emotional and physical response to discussing someone else’s trauma. CF can come from daily work, especially if it relates to trauma. [Source]

How can I help others who may be suffering?

Connect with your co-workers. By connecting with those around us, we can become a safe place for those who are suffering to come to for help and support. Offer resources that you think might help them and encourage them to get professional help if needed. Become more aware of the topic, by doing so, not only can we recognize the symptoms in ourselves but we can have empathy for those who may be suffering.

Ideas to help others:
  • Be kind
  • Practice empathy
  • Be a safe space
  • Suggest helpful resources
  • Encourage them to get professional help if needed
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