Due to COVID-19 and the safety of our clients, employees, and volunteers this opportunity is limited.

We are asking volunteers who are preparing crafts for upcoming events to purchase and donate the materials needed. This will minimize the exchanges of materials and allow us to put our resources towards our emergency and critical services. For more information contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 435.752.8880 or [email protected]

Promote events that give families a chance to experience a magical, exciting, and entertaining adventure!

Specific Opportunities:

  • Prep crafts, activities, and decorations for our upcoming events; such as Marvelous Adventure, Princess Party, and Education Summer Camps.
  • Dress up as a Princess or help children complete crafts at Princess Stations at our Annual Princess Party in February.
  • Create a super adventure by being a Superhero at our annual Marvelous Adventure in September.
  • Participate at booths or other events throughout the year; such as the Hyrum Harvest Festival, the Bear Lake Monster Winterfest, the annual Charity Golf Classic Tournament at Birch Creek, and more!

UPcoming events

16th Annual Charity Golf Classic Tournament - Friday, August 21st

Join us on Friday, August 21st, for a great day of golfing and giving back to The Family Place at our 16th Annual Charity Golf Classic Tournament at Birch Creek Golf Course (550 E 100 N, Smithfield, UT 84335). We need volunteers like you who will make this fundraiser, the biggest of this year, a success! Volunteers will help run the show by coordinating golfers at golf holes, assisting with registration, serving at a shopping center, and helping make sure everyone is safe and having fun. Whether you want to volunteer to add service to your resume or if you want to make a difference in your community, this will be a fantastic opportunity!

We would love for you to stay for the whole event! Volunteers who can stay the whole day (6:30 AM – 4:30 PM) will be provided a tasty lunch, but there will also be two shifts available (Main Event – 6:30 AM – 12:00 PM and Lunch, Raffle, and Clean Up – 11:30 AM ~ 4:30 PM) for those who will be unable to make that commitment.

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Annual Marvelous Adventure - Saturday, September 12th

Join us on Saturday, September 12th, for a day of superheroes, games, and secret agents at The Family Place’s Annual Marvelous Adventure in the parking lot of Fisher Home Furnishing (2175 Main St, North Logan, UT 84341). Children will tour through a dozen different superhero scenes and get the chance to see each superhero while learning a little more about them! Scenes will vary from Spiderman & Gwen Stacey on top of buildings in Brooklyn to Superman on the streets of Metropolis with his telephone booth to Captain Marvel in space!  We need volunteers like you who will make this a magical event for the children!

  • Be a Superhero! Volunteer as a child’s favorite superhero. We need volunters for Superman, Superwoman, Batman, Batgirl, Captain Marvel, Hulk, Flash, Iron Man, Thor, Starlord, Groot, and Mantis. If you have another superhero costume and would like to attend or have a costume you would be willing to donate (Ironman, Thor, Starlord, Groot) please let us know!
  • Be a Secret Agent Tour Guide! We need interactive volunteers to set the scene for each superhero and create a marvelous mystery of an event!
  • Event Management! Volunteers will sign families in, provide them with their take home goodies, and help manage social distancing guidelines.
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