Home Visiting

The place to enhance parenting skills

Every child is different, and that doesn’t make parenting any easier! Get the support you need for your situation in the convenience of your own home.

The Home Visiting Program is a free service offered to parents who want to learn more effective parenting strategies, and is designed to help you and your child in the areas you need support. The program can help you develop stronger parenting skills, learn how to manage your emotions and your child’s emotions, enhance your understanding of child development, increase personal health, and strengthen parent-child relationships. It also offers community referrals and monthly family activities that will help you build a support network.  With our support, you can become the best parent you can be.  Give your child the best future he or she can get.

To Request Home Visiting call 435-752-8880

For additional information, contact a Home Visitor at 435-752-8880, or email [email protected]