Lara O. Linares

Spanish Family Educator
<p>Lara was born in Ecuador and came to the United States in 1995 to continue her education. She has two <span class="s1">M.S. degrees </span>in Vocational Rehabilitation and Counseling <span class="s1">as well as </span>Human Resource Management”; also fix tense: “<span class="s1">Lara has </span>worked for The Family Place Utah <span class="s1">since </span>2015 as a Spanish Family Educator. <span class="s1">She loves </span>working for the Education Department because <span class="s1">she has </span>had the opportunity to make a difference in the <span class="s1">lives </span>of many people, and it gives <span class="s1">her </span>so much satisfaction. <span class="s1">She has </span>a proven ability to work with a wide diverse population. <span class="s1">Lara is </span>compassionate and a good listener, able to communicate well in both English and Spanish, <span class="s1">and she is </span>especially interested in serving the growing ethnically diverse community.</p>


<p>M.S. in Vocational Rehabilitation and Conseling, M.S. Human Resource Management with a minor in Family and Human Development, B.S. in Tourism and Business Administration</p>