Maritza Griffiths

Spanish Home Visitor
Maritza was born in Peru, is a nurse, and proud mother of two daughters and grandmother of five wonderful boys. While in Peru she received her Bachelor's degree in Nursing. She worked for seven years as an ER Head Nurse and then at Maxwell Jones Rehabilitation Center as Head of The Medical Department. She was married in 2005 to Vaughn Griffiths and moved to the States with her daughters. In the States she studied English at Utah State University. Following her education she worked as an Education Specialist at Head Star for four years where she learned more about the Latin Community in the United States. From 2012 to 2017, Maritza started working for Utah State University's Education Department in the Spanish program with Head Star. Her work sent her to Mexico for their inclusive program education working with children with disabilities. In 2018 she suffered from a serious medical issues and started to question her professional mission. Though she was satisfied with her personal successes, she felt something was missing. Around that time she was offered a position at The Family Place Utah as a Home Visiting Educator. She said, "This job makes me happy and I put my love, kindness, passion, and knowledge to help people based in the ARC Grow program The Family Place Utah offers."


B.S. in Nursing

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