The Place for Answers

We recognize that life’s challenges can feel overwhelming. We also believe that experience can make us and our families stronger.

Our therapy team can help you and your family heal and grow stronger by drawing on the courage, strength, and motivation within you while adding skills and support to achieve your goals.

If you or your family are experiencing problems with any of the following, we may be able to help:

  • Trauma experienced by yourself or a loved one
  • Parent-child relationships with children and teens
  • Marriage communication or relationship quality
  • Mental health challenges that affect family relationships (for example, depression and anxiety that impacts your family)
  • Relationship or family problems in general

We welcome refugee, military, immigrants, and families with a variety of needs, and we will do what we can to help you with your unique situation. We offer an array of services to help meet your needs. You may explore any or all of our services as listed below:

Free Screening 

Call 435-752-8880 to meet with a therapist to discuss your needs and learn more about services offered at The Family Place and in the community. This free screening is a one-time visit that helps us understand your specific situation, which helps us determine if we can meet your needs here at The Family Place or if we can direct you to services in the community that would better meet your needs.

Parents: If you are seeking therapy for your minor-age child, please come for this first appointment yourself or with your spouse, but not with your children.