The Family Place is available to help families work through difficult times. The articles listed below can help parents talk to children about hard things, including community violence. The Family Place is available as a resource for families and can provide easily accessible and individualized therapeutic care for children, teenagers, and adults. We offer the following services:

Counseling  Individual or group sessions to help with challenges such as anxiety, depression, interpersonal skills, family relationships, grief and loss, parenting, bullying, changes in childhood, abuse, and trauma.

Kid’s Place Care – In an emergency or crisis, we’ll watch your children. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Kid’s Place Planned Care – Parents needs time for self-care, we’ll watch your children.

Education – Parenting, social-emotional, and abuse prevention classes. Classes are for children and adults.


Understanding Child Trauma

Tips for Survivors: Coping With Grief After Community Violence

Tips for Parents on Media Coverage

Tips for Parents on Media Coverage

Tips for Educators: Helping Youth After Community Trauma

Teacher Guidelines for Helping Students After Community Violence

Talking to Children about Community Violence

Psychological Impact of Community Violence

Parents Guidline for Helping Youth After Community Violence

Fact Sheet for Organizations Employing Community Violence Workers

Community Violence: Reaction and Action in Dangerous Times

Our mission is to strengthen families. Please contact us at 435-752-8880 for more information.