Trauma Resiliency Project

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At The Family Place, we are specially trained through The National Child Traumatic Stress Network to help families, children, and individuals understand and overcome trauma.

The Family Place’s Trauma Resiliency Project aims to provide effective treatment and services for children ages 11 and younger (and their families) who have experienced a traumatic event. Examples of these events include the death of a loved one, abuse, domestic violence, community violence, parental separation, being involved in a serious accident, bullying, refugee trauma, military trauma, and any other event that significantly impacts a child’s ability to cope.

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Our project specifically works to help children and their families to integrate traumatic experiences, improve parent-child relationships, and increase coping skills and recovery after trauma. We accomplish this through a therapeutic child center, home visits, and group therapy sessions using the evidence-based Attachment, Regulation, and Competency (ARC) framework of trauma interventions.

The Family Place is an affiliate site for the National Childhood Traumatic Stress Network. For more information about the Traumatic Resiliency Project, please call (435)752-8880!