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Kids Place

Our Kid’s Place is a FREE, temporary program for caregivers with children ages 11 and under. Caregivers can turn to the Kid’s Place in an emergency or for scheduled weekly care.

Volunteer at the Kid's Place!

We need good role models and positive influences to help children through difficult times. Kid’s Place Volunteers help the staff to facilitate activities and care for our kids. It's a great opportunity to work and gain experience with children! For more information contact our Victim Services Volunteer Coordinator at 435-752-2241 or [email protected]

What does a Kid’s Place Volunteer do?
  • Plays games, does crafts, and participates in creative activities along-side children to build connections and support their development
  • Works with staff to facilitate fun, trauma-informed activities for the children we serve
  • Encourages children to turn to and learn from positive adult role models
Location and Hours
  • Belva Hansen, Logan | 1525 N 200 W | 9am-7pm Monday – Thursday | 9am-5pm Friday
  • Norma Miller, Hyrum | 10 N 600 E | 11am-7pm Monday – Thursday | 9am-5pm Friday
  • Smithfield | 502 S Main Street | 11am-7pm Monday – Thursday | 9am-5pm Friday
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Complete 2-3 hours of specialized training
  • Must commit to 2 hours per week working in the Kid’s Place
  • Pay for and pass a background check (costs $42.25)

Ready to be a Kid’s Place Volunteer?

Download the application below and email to [email protected] upon completion. For questions or more information, contact our Victim Services Volunteer Coordinator at 435-752-2241 or [email protected].

The Family Place Utah does not accept volunteers working off community service hours.


Events & Crafts

Volunteer at our events such as Princess Party, Marvelous Adventure, and monthly Play with The Family Place Utah. You can also volunteer to help prep crafts for different upcoming events!

Yard Work

Join us outside at our Logan, Smithfield, or Hyrum offices to prepare our yard for events and activities.

Supply Drives & Service Projects

Organize a supply drive and collect items of our greatest need. These items are then used in our Kid’s Place, therapy classes, or for events!

COVID-19 Update

Due to COVID-19 and the safety of our clients, employees, and volunteers this opportunity will only be available under specific regulations. We are not accepting unsolicited donations at this time. Contact the Volunteer Coordinator to inquire about greatest need. For more information contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 435-752-8880 or [email protected]

The Family Place Utah is always in need of items and supplies to offer our resources to the community. We use these items to assist our Kid’s Place, Starfish Children’s Shelter, therapy department, family-friendly events, and educational classes. Running a supply drive is also a great way to receive service hours for you or a group!

Specific Opportunities

  • Examples of past supply drives include emotional regulation items for therapy, snacks, hygiene kit items, craft supplies for education summer camps, etc.
  • If you are interested in running a supply drive, contact our Volunteer Coordinator or click the button below to be sent a list of our greatest needs.

Circle of Friends

Join the team of professional, passionate supporters of The Family Place Utah to plan and execute our largest events and fundraisers of the year!

The Circle of Friends

More than volunteers, they are a strong group of community partners and The Family Place Utah’s best supporters! If you are interested in learning more about this group, contact our Marketing and Event Manager at 435-752-8880 or [email protected]

The Circle of Friends is critical to the planning and implementing our biggest events and fundraisers of the year!

2019 Impact

  • In February, Circle of Friends aided The Family Place Utah in creating a magical, special day at the Annual Princess Party. They created decorations for princess stations, planned the theme of the tea party and provided all decorations, participated in setup and clean up.
  • In April, Circle of Friends were crucial to the success of our 14th Annual Blue Ribbon Benefit Dinner and Auction. They helped raise over $100,000, worked with businesses to secure auction items, helped build and develop the theme, and put in countless hours of work to setup, cleanup, and prep all decorations.
  • In October, the Circle of Friends supported The Family Place Utah at the Hyrum Harvest Festival. They decorated and managed a Trick or Treat table, planned the theme, and supplied the candy to give to every child at the event.

Since The Family Place Utah relays on the Circle of Friends for successful events, we ask they be able to meet these expectations:

  • Attend Circle of Friends monthly meetings with the Marketing and Events Manager and Volunteer Coordinator to plan and implement events.
  • Fill a table at the Annual Blue Ribbon Benefit Dinner and Auction with businesses, friends, or community partners.
  • Support The Family Place Utah in at least two events or fundraisers throughout the year (Annual Princess Party, Marvelous Adventure, Harvest Festival, Blue Ribbon Benefit Dinner and Auction, Golf Tournament, Steppin’ Up for Kids).
  • Have a passion for The Family Place Utah’s mission to strengthen families and protect children!

Starfish Holiday Giving

We are shifting our focus to strengthen families and protect children all year long. Donate and double your impact with our donor match November 1st through December 31st this year!

Double your impact this holiday season!

The Family Place is shifting the focus this holiday season from physical gifts to gifts that will keep on giving all year long. We are focusing on providing much needed services and items for children all year in Therapy, Education, The Kid’s Place, and our Starfish Children’s Shelter (the only children’s shelter in Northern Utah). We have partnered with local businesses to design a “Starfish Giving Tree” and hang some bookmark sized cards with our Venmo code on the back which individuals can use to donate and help us fulfill our mission to strengthen families and protect children. For more information contact our Outreach Coordinator at 435-752-8880 or [email protected].

Due to our donor match this year, all contributions made from November 1st through December 31st will be doubled up to $100,000!


Steps to Make a Difference:

  • Select as many cards as you'd like and scan the Venmo QR code on the back.
  • Write in the specified item name and amount on Venmo.
  • Keep your card as a receipt!

Thank you for making a difference to the one and we wish you a happy holiday season.

Frequently Asked Questions


What if I forget to include the item name?

Not to worry! All donations made without an item specified or for a need that has been fulfilled will be designated unrestricted funds and we will be able to use them for our greatest need. In the end, your donation will still be used to strengthen families and protect children and will still qualify for our donor match program.

What if I still want to sponsor gifts for families?

This year, we are not hosting our own holiday sponsor program. However, we are partnering with a few organizations that are focused on providing gifts during the holidays. Give us a call at 435-752-8880 and we will be happy to provide you with more information about these organizations.

What other ways can I support families in need during this time?

To support the families of The Family Place Utah you can make a donation online, volunteer your time, donate used items to Somebody’s Attic, and even just purchase Christmas gifts for your family through Amazon Smile! When you select The Family Place Utah as your charity on Amazon Smile, Amazon will donate a portion of your purchase to The Family Place Utah.

Refer members in the community in need to our services (education classes, online parenting resources, therapy, and FREE scheduled weekly and crisis child care) or another non-profit in the area (Little Lambs, Cache Food Pantry, English Language Learning Center, CAPSA, etc).

What if I don't have Venmo?

Not a problem! We also accept PayPal, checks, or donations by card. Give us a call at 435-752-8880 or go to the "Donate" tab on our website and we will be happy to accept your donations by check or card instead.


Volunteering with us means joining our mission of strengthening families and protecting children!

The health, safety, and well-being of our volunteers, as well as your extended community is of utmost importance. Given concerns regarding COVID-19, and our social and ethical responsibility to minimize our contribution to the spread of this virus to you and those you are connected to, we have made the very difficult decision to minimize volunteer activity. We will keep you updated on any additional changes. In the meantime, review volunteer opportunities below for more specific requirements, projects, and COVID modifications.

Please reach out to us if you have any other questions at 435-752-8880 or [email protected]. Thank you for your service and continued support!

Service Hours

Events, Projects & More

Our Volunteers In Action

Words From Our Volunteers

Volunteering, especially, at The Family Place Utah is an incredible experience. To give oneself wholeheartedly to helping another is a great reward. The Princess Party was my favorite volunteer moment. Being able to see the faces of the children light up as they live that dream is a blessing.”
Helping a Stranger

Richard, Recurring Volunteer

A volunteer began volunteering [in the Kid’s Place] because they wanted more experience with kids. The first few weeks they were very shy and reserved and weren’t sure what to do with the kids. After a month they found their confidence and was playing and interacting with the kids. At the end of the semester they had to be done volunteering because his schedule was to full. They personally thanked the volunteer coordinator saying “Thank you for allowing me to volunteer here. Coming in with little child care experience, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the kids have come to mean so much to me and i’m not sure what I have done for them but I know they have changed my life.”
Kid’s Place Volunteer

“I serve as a Service Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. The Family Place Utah is one of my weekly assignments for my service. This past year I was put in charge of organizing the presents that were brought in for their Christmas Sponsorship, wrapping them, and then getting them delivered or picked up by the families. This really brought to my attention how good this world really is. We were able to help over 60 families that couldn’t provide Christmas. Being in charge of all of that was a big task, but I got to learn so much from that experience. Those memories of spending so many hours helping the ONE in need was beyond amazing.”
Elder Hull, Service Missionary

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