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The Suicide Prevention series is designed to provide stories and educational information to help you feel empowered, confident, and play an important role in reducing the prevalence of suicide.

There are seven videos, each with a specific topic relating to suicide. We encourage you to watch all seven. You will hear difficult stories from individuals who have been affected by suicide. Along with the stories you will hear from our experts about stigma, risk factors and warning signs, how to talk to someone in a crisis, and protective factors.

We do not recommend watching with young children. While you watch these videos make sure you are checking in with yourself; take breaks, practice self-care, or talk to someone.

20_SuicidePreventionLogo-01-2-2048x1550 (1)
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1 in 5 Adults Have A Mental Illness
In the United States
Suicide Was The 2nd Leading Cause of Death
Among People 10-34 Years Old
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
800-273-TALK (8255)

I looked in the mirror and kept thinking, "I will live, because I matter. I will stay because I am important. I have worth. I am loved. I choose to stay." You have to defeat those demons in your mind, however you can, positively.

– Emily –

Thoughts are just a wave. It can go right in and right out and we don't have to buy into it or believe it.

– Mitch –

Find the beauty.

– Shayla –



Episode One


Episode Two

Stop the Stigma

Episode Three

Risk Factors & Warning SIgns

Episode Four

How to Talk to Someone in a Crisis

Episode Five

A Permanent Solution to a Temporary Problem

Episode Six

Protective Factors

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