Jennifer Daly

Education Director
<p>Jennifer is the Education Director and has been at The Family Place Utah since 2006. She completed her internship at The Family Place Utah and she knew this was the place for her. She has her Bachelor’s in Family and Human Development. She has also received her Social Service Workers (SSW) license. She loves working with people and helping them realize their <span class="s1">strengths </span>and also offering tools that may help them within their family. <span class="s1">Jennifer </span>truly <span class="s1">believes </span>if we can help individuals recognize their <span class="s1">strengths,<span class="Apple-converted-space"> </span></span>they then can help their parents which then helps create strong communities.</p>


<p>B.S. in Family and Human Development, SSW Liscense</p>