May 2021 Wellness Newsletter: Boundaries

Aug 25, 2021



What kind of boundaries are helpful for work?
Any boundary that protects your well-being is helpful, do what is best for you and your
situations. Here are just a few that could be helpful,

TAKE TIME TO RESPOND not every email or issue at work is red hot urgent. Instead
of dropping everything to answer an email and interrupting your work flow, set up
specific times during the day you will check your emails.

USE SYSTEMS save yourself some time and create a system of how things are done.
This could be as simple as creating an email template you can copy and paste for
repetitious emails, no need to rewrite it every time! It could also look like a guide for
creating future projects, keeping your from starting from square one each time!

UNPLUG when it comes time to be off the clock, shutdown the computer. Create a
physical barrier between you and work and focus on being in the present moment with
those you spend your time with while off the clock.

DELEGATE you can’t do everything, nor should you. Trying to do everything without
help will most likely lead to burnout. If you have a hard time delegating,start with a few
small tasks you know someone else will be able to handle and work up to the bigger

SAY NO don’t be afraid to use your voice to protect your well-being, this could be
saying no to a meeting time or even a project that will overwhelm and stress you out.
Saying no does not mean you’re not committed but that you know your limits and you
are honoring them

How not to take things personally:

Good Boundaries Free You:

Intellectual Wellness Tips:

  • Try a new activity, food, or hobby
  • Re-read your favorite book
  • Take a moment for self-reflection
  • Learn a new life hack
  • Spend time away from your smart phone
  • Set time limits for social media

“It is not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority. It’s necessary.”

The song stuck inside your head:

Boundaries with Nedra Tawwab:

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