Bunny Garland Craft

Apr 9, 2020 | Kids Activities, Uncategorized


Bring some springtime into your home with this Bunny Garland the entire family can do from DIYCandy.com!

Supplies Needed:


  1. Print out the bunny templates above
    1. Print out a copy and cut out at least 9-10 bunnies from the scrapbook paper (The more the merrier!)
  2. Next comes the pom poms for the little tails! You will make one pom pom per bunny using a fork. To make the pom pom with a fork:
    1. Wrap the yarn around the outside of a 4- pronged fork about 40 times. If you want it thicker, try 50 or 60 times!
    2. Cut a piece of yarn and tie off the yarn in the middle prong. You’ll tie the top and bottom together. Tie a knot as tightly as you can.
    3. Then you will cut both loops on each side and fluff it!
  3. Cut a length of yarn for your garland. Make it as long as you like depending on where you’re going to hang it. Use craft glue to attach the pom poms to the bunnies, and then to attach the bunnies to the yarn.
  4. You did it! Your Bunny Garland is ready for hanging!




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