Fun Snack Crafts

Apr 1, 2020 | Kids Activities

Teach your children the ins and outs of cooking while having fun with these edible crafts. Children who are engaged in the preparation of their snacks or meals will be more likely to eat a variety of foods with a smile!

Animal Faces Toast: These fun and tasty snacks that allow children to get creative. Prepare and collect different toppings (fruits, candies, peanut butter, chocolate, etc.) and give your child free range to create an animal or monster!

Edible Marshmallow Slime: A simple way to make tasty slime at home. Just sugar, marshmallows, cornstarch, coconut oil and four simple steps. Playing with this fluffy slime and then getting to eat it is a win-win!

Carrot Patch Cookies: A sweet activity that is even sweeter to the taste! Children get to build their own garden patch. Start with this and try to create garden patches with different fruits and vegetables.

Apple Fruit Donuts: Looks like donuts, tastes like donuts, makes the whole family happy! Have children decorate their apple slice with their favorite colors and toppings for a yummy, and fruity, snack.

Critter Crudités: Another fun option to develop a child’s creativity. Children can create their own snail or caterpillar that is filled with fruits and vegetables.

Homemade Rock Candy: Teach science with rock candy! Just gather sugar, water, food coloring, wooden skewers, clothespins, and a few narrow glasses (or go old school with pencils and string!) and you get a yummy treat.

Rainbow Pasta: A colorful meal to add to a family favorites! Rainbow pasta is as simple as cooked noodles and food coloring. A meal fit for every creative little boy and girl.
Mummy Pizza: A spooky and fun pizza party! Have children decorate their own mummy and turn on a family-friendly spooky movie for an entertaining and tasty evening.
Grape Sculptures: This is as simple as grapes and toothpicks. See what your child can make and then enjoy a healthy snack.
Easter Egg Lunch Hunt: An exciting hunt and a tasty lunch! Break your child’s lunch into pieces that would fit into Easter eggs and hide them around the house. Make sure they find them all before lunch time!
Rainbow Grilled Cheese: A special grilled cheese for those who love magical meals! Have children dye cheese with their favorite colors. Now they can enjoy a cheesy surprise.
Jello Aquariums: What is more fun than making jello? Making and eating jello aquariums! Little fishes inside jello makes for a good snack when it starts to get warm and sunny outside.
Froot Loop Mosiac Cookies: Children can design their own cookie by decorating with crushed froot loops! This would be a great creative activity for older children.
Peanut Butter Play Dough: No heating or cooking required! Have your child get involved in measuring and making their own peanut butter play dough! After it’s created build and play with their favorite snacks.
Neon Edible Paint: Edible paint is a fun activity for all ages! Older children can help mix and you don’t have to worry about little ones eating it.
Frozen-themed Muddy Buddies: A super easy snack to eat while watching Frozen for the eighth time in a row! All you need is Chex cereal, white chocolate, and festival snowflake sprinkles.


Easter Bunny Popcorn bags: Such a great item for children to create and leave on the doorstep of friends and families. Small acts of service that bring happiness to those in their homes!


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