Indoor Activities for Children at Home

It can feel overwhelming to have children home from school, especially when the weather is bad. To help avoid boredom and too much screen time, we’ve created a list of indoor activities you do with your children.

  • Have a dance party or even better, a glow in the dark dance party
  • Do handstands, cartwheels and headstands
  • Take silly selfies
  • Build a fort
  • Play dress up
  • Play hide and seek
  • Let your kids paint your nails
  • Camp out in the backyard or indoors
  • Have a picnic in the living room or backyard
  • Play tag or freeze tag
  • Color with sidewalk chalk
  • Play catch
  • Play with a hula hoop
  • Make play dough, slime or any other science activities
  • Break out paint, markers or crayons and get creative