Mindfulness Fortune Teller

Apr 7, 2020 | Kids Activities

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Mindfulness is the process of purposely bringing your attention to the present moment to help calm your body and mind.

Practicing mindfulness helps us tune out of distractions and tune into ourselves, feelings, and the present moment.

Download our mindfulness fortune teller to help practice mindfulness and calming strategies. Great for adults or children!

How to Make Paper Fortune Teller?

  1. Download and Print Graphic.
  2. Cut on the outer line (this will make a square).
  3. If this is your first time folding a paper fortune teller please watch this video.

How to Use Fortune Teller?

  1. Once it is folded you (player 1) will place your index finders and thumbs in the four corners of the paper. Make sure you can move your fingers so they can open and close the fortune teller.
  2. The player not holding the fortune teller (Player 2) will select one of the images on the top of the fortune teller (Eye, Ear, Nose, Hand).
  3. Player 1 will then spell the chosen word while opening and closing the fortune teller and stopping after the last letter. The numbers should now be showing.
  4. Player 2 selects one of the numbers from the group that is showing. Player 1 will then count to that number opening and closing the fortune teller.
  5. Player 2 selects another number and Player 1 reveals the mindfulness activity to do.
  6. Play this game as many times or with as many people as you want.

Download Mindfulness Fortune Teller


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