Paper Bag Crafts

Apr 16, 2020 | Kids Activities


Looking for ways to use the paper bags you have? Here are some fun crafts that you can do with your kids to transform your paper bags into a memory!

Scrapbook:Try your hand at scrapbooking as well as remind yourself of your favorite things! This scrapbook template helps you create a “My Favorite Things” scrapbook. And of course, you can always design your own!

Satchel:This craft can be done with a small or large paper bag! This is perfect for the adventure-seeking child. Make a game and see what they can collect inside their satchel.

Kites:The weather is starting to get warmer and a great way to get outside is by flying kites. If you don’t have a kite try making this fun paper bag kite with items you can find around your house!

Piñata:Looking for a fun craft you get to bust open at the end of the day?Make a paper bag piñata and add some excitement to your day! Let them decorate the paper bag piñata however they’d like and then you get an activity out of seeing what’s inside!

Tiara:If you are looking for a new dress up item as well as a craft, try the paper bag tiara. Your child can add flowers or try other favorite items such as butterflies or movie characters!


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