Behind the Signs of Spring Edition

Mar 30, 2021 | Kids Activities


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Enjoy the warmer weather with your kids! Take time to teach them about rainbows and have a scavenger hunt with them outside.


  • Painted Rainbow craft. Get out the art supplies and follow the tutorial to create a beautiful rainbow with your children.
  • Fruit Loop Rainbow craft. Get even sillier and use a favorite cereal to create a masterpiece with your children.
  • Go outside and do a scavenger hunt with your children. Here is a free scavenger hunt sheet.

Ants on a Log Snack:

Make an easy and fun snack with celery, peanut butter, and raisins or if you really want to make it a treat substitute with chocolate chips.

  1. Wash hands and celery
  2. Cut the tops off, then cut celery into thirds
  3. Smother each piece in peanut butter
  4. Top with raisins (or chocolate chips) and enjoy!

How is a Rainbow Made?

You have probably heard a lot of “why” questions from your children as they are learning about the world and how it works. Ever get stuck on how something like a rainbow is made? Us too. Here is an easy explanation:

The light that we see each day is sunlight, a white light that comes to us from the sun. White light is made up of the different colors that we see in the rainbow, but when the light is all travelling in one direction, it looks white. When the beam of light hits something, like raindrops, the beam divides into all of the pretty colors that we see in a rainbow!


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