Social Distancing Blackout Bingo

Mar 18, 2020 | Uncategorized

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Thank you for participating in our Social Distancing Blackout Bingo with The Family Place Utah. In an effort to help ease the stress of having kids home all day and not being able to leave the house, we thought it would be fun to incorporate some different activities into our day. Every family who gets a full blackout board will be able to get a small prize. A 2nd bingo board will be posted next Monday to give more ideas of activities to do.

To be inclusive of all families, every family is allowed to pick TWO free spaces to cross out activities you won’t be able to complete. If there are more than two activities that won’t work for your family then you are allowed to come up with a different activity to replace it.

Parents can be entered into a drawing for a prize by taking pictures of the activities your families are doing and posting them to our “The Parents Place” Facebook page. Every picture is an additional entry.

Be watching for our daily reminders with Safety Saurus. He’s our treasured mascot with our Kids Empowered program in the schools. He’ll also be participating in this fun activity. Your children might remember him when we came to their school and enjoy seeing his posts! Have fun!

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Week 2





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