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Apr 13, 2016 | Events

(11:46) Hey Everyone! This is Matt, a social media intern for the Family Place! I’ll be live with you for the event today. We are looking forward to a great day and a wonderful event. If you’re having trouble seeing the recent posts to this stream, try refreshing your page and you should be up to date.

(11:50) Due to the weather the event has been moved inside. Instead of the shoes being placed on the steps they are displayed around th courthouse chambers.

(11:55) As event attendees enter the building they are greeted by various volunteers and employees from the Family Place. There is also beautiful harp music being played which helps set the mood for the importance and attitude for what the event stands for

(11:59) The room continues to fill up as we are almost ready to start. It’s powerful to see the community support as we collectively make an effort to learn more about how we can individually make a difference in preventing child abuse.

(12:02) The attendance is very diverse, Cache County officials, employees, and extraordinary citizens are all here, making a difference. Whether each person here or within our community is educated on the topic of child abuse or not, being here is going to teach us all something we can do to make an impact. Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.”

(12:09) Preisdent of the Board of Directors for the Family Place, Jim Payant opens the meeting thanking various officials and contributors for the event.

(12:12) Esterlee Molyneux, director of the Family Place is speaking now, giving a small description of what The Family Place Utah does and who we are.

(12:15) “These shoes behind me, we see the faces of them”, Esterlee describing part of the mission in protecting children and keeping them safe.

(12:17) Each pair of shoes represents a substantiated case of child abuse. As Esterlee reads various accounts of child abuse in our county their is certainly a powerful emotion across the room.

(12:17) 30% of child abuse victims are under the age of 5, 39% of perpetrators are 18-34 years old. Meaning the perpetrators are mostly parents. Wow.

(12:20) A brighter tone as Esterlee now recounts experiences of people who sought help through The Family Place Utah. Accounts of parents seeking education and help, and being able to do so through the classes and events provided through the family place. Esterlee closes out with a plea, “Reach out, help another person up…be supportive”

(12:22) “The tallest you can stand is when you bend down to help a child”, part of Senator Hillyards brief but powerful address

(12:24) Attormey General Sean Reyes opens with talking a selfie of the crowd, though a serious event there certainly needs to be light hearted laughter.

(12:25) Sean no relating child abuse to the storms, not unlike the one that brought us inside today, to the affects and feelings of child abuse. The bright, warmth of the sun is what we are seeking to provide for all children

(12:28) “In dollars we can quantify medical costs, but we can’t quantify the affects abuse can have on someone’s soul” , Sean now describing how when an individual is abused it isn’t just their life that is affected but all the lives that they could’ve impacted have now been changed because of that.

(12:32) So much good here. Just the combined effort of all these organizations and individuals is amazing. It’s a testament to what a community that is working together her can do

(12:35) Sean bringing up powerful point that this isn’t a political issue it isn’t a religious issue ands an issue as people that no matter what we believe we can all help. He also pulls from Aggie mantra getting the crowd to say loudly, “I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN!”. A powerful and fitting way to close his remarks.

(12:39) Jim Payant closes out the event after Belva Hansen recounts the ‘Starfish story’. He thanks everyone for their attendance and reminds us that we can all make a difference!

(12:44) A wonderful event with many more to come through the month of April. Check out our events page and our Facebook page for more info. I’m so grateful for this opportunity I’ve had to provide a small portion of this great event to anyone who followed along! Be sure to come out to all our future events and bring friends and family along with you. Have a fantastic day!


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