Toy Story Edition

Feb 18, 2021 | Kids Activities


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It’s time to play with some toys! Create your own Toy Story as you enjoy some snacks, crafts, and activities!

Toy Story Activity:

Tell your own Toy Story! Cut out the character silhouttes, trace them onto the comic book storybaord provided, and color them in to finish the story.

Make Your Own Forky Activity:

Follow this template.

Adventure Activity:

Have each child pick a favorite toy, then take them on an adventure throughout the house! Will they get to fight the monster under the bed, or dive with sharks in the bathtub? You decide!


Make your own pizza rolls, your favorite pizza recipe, or just order out and use our Pizza Planet sign to spice it up! Here are a few of our favorite recipes!


This Play with The Family Place Utah was planned by volunteer Gable Munn.


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