Virtual Field Trips

Mar 20, 2020 | Kids Activities


Attractions around the world are available to you from the comfort of your own home. We’ve compiled a list that you can do with children of all ages:

100 Virtual Tours and Unique Experiences Around the World

Monterrey Bay Aquarium: Watch live cams of fish, sharks, penguins other exciting animals. This website also has a lot of information about animals and their habitats.

Farm Tour: Learn how dairy products are made, how fruits are grown and harvested, how animals like pigs, chickens, sheep, and mink are farmed, and more! This website has videos and 360 degree tours of Canadian farms.

Yellowstone National Park: Find photos, videos, and information about the different attractions of this amazing national park. You can also explore 3D models of hydrothermal formations in the park.

Mars: Get an up close view of the surface of Mars, as seen by NASA’s Curiosity Rover.

San Diego Zoo: Use this interactive website to learn more about the many animals that live at the San Diego Zoo.

Street View: Explore icons from across the globe including the Taj Mahal, The White House, The Great Pyramids of Giza, museums like the Guggenheim, and even the International Space Station!  

The British Museum, London, England: This is an incredible interactive timeline of the history of the world. Explore artifacts from across the globe.

The Louvre: Enjoy virtual tours of exhibits throughout The Louvre.

The Smithsonian Museum: Explore permanent exhibits, as well as past and current special exhibits.

The Smithsonian National Zoo: Explore several animals that live in the National Zoo. Learn on the wild side and download their activity workbook that can be used while watching the animals.


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