How to Run a Successful Supply Drive

Aug 4, 2020 | Uncategorized

Now more than ever our community is in need of ways to strengthen families and protect children! A great way to support The Family Place Utah is to run a supply drive and collect donations. Donations collected will make a difference to the children and families we serve through Kid’s Place, Starfish Children’s Shelter, therapy, family-friendly events, and educational classes. When you donate supplies, The Family Place Utah is able to use funds elsewhere to fulfill our mission to strengthen families and protect children. We’ve created a step-by-step guide and a few resources to help make your next supply drive successful!

  1. Before starting a supply drive, be sure to contact our volunteer coordinator at 435-752-8880 or [email protected] to get a list of our greatest needs.
  2. Plan the who, what, when, and where for your drive.
    • Who – Who will get involved? This could be your company, neighborhood, church group, or even the whole community!

    • What – In addition to collecting items on the list provided by our volunteer coordinator, you can also donate through our website, Venmo (@family-place), PayPal, Amazon Smile, or shop through our Amazon wishlist which will send supplies directly to The Family Place Utah. It’s also good to set goals of how many people will participate, how many donations you’ll collect, or how much money you want to raise

    • When – It’s important to set a timeline for your supply drive. Will it occur over a month, week, or day? Start advertising and spreading word of your supply drive before the collection date(s) so people have time to gather any items they want to donate.

    • Where – Pick a way to collect your donations! Common examples are putting donation bins in lobbies of local businesses or asking people to leave donations on their front porch for you to pick up. Many people will also coordinate with local grocery stores to stand outside and have a collection site. It doesn’t matter how you collect the items as long as it’s clear and simple to anyone who wants to support.

3. Advertising is the key to most supply drives. This can be done through posters, flyers, social media posts, emails, or word of mouth. No matter which method(s) you choose, make sure you communicate clearly. People should know exactly what to donate and how their donations are making a difference to the children and families of The Family Place Utah. Download and share our logo and The Family Place Utah brochure to help you explain the need and spread awareness for your donation drive! People who hear the stories and feel the need are more likely to contribute to your cause!

4. After you collect the donations, make sure to check them before bringing them to The Family Place Utah. All items should be unopened and without significant damage. If you are collecting any food items make sure they aren’t expired.

5. Bring your items to The Family Place Utah at your scheduled drop-off time! Be prepared to answer how many hours you worked on the project, how many other people put in significant hours to the project, and the estimated monetary value of the donations. Download the Volunteer Tracker to help track the service of your volunteers!

6. Don’t forget to follow up! Thank those who participated and share pictures with everyone.


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